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Peter, my husband is reading – A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland – which was written by Samuel Johnson in the mid 1700s when he and Boswell toured Scotland and each wrote their personal accounts of the country and people north of the England/Scotland border. The book is full of interesting references – which Peter interrupts my daydreaming by reading to me! The language needs a bit of getting used to but his account is full of interesting observations. In this case it is about emigration from the Islands of Scotland and is put beautifully I think : the exile he writes about is not forced exile but an exodus from choice but with nothing to loose.

Johnson puts it this way – They who went first, were probably such as could best be spared; but the accounts sent by the earliest adventurers, whether true or false, inclined many to follow them; and whole neightbourhoods formed parties for removal; so that departure from their native country is no longer exile. He that goes thus accompanied, carries with him all that makes life pleasant. He sits down in a better climate, surrounded by his kindred and his friends: they carry with them their language, their opinions, their popular songs, and hereditary merriment: they change nothing but the place of their abode; and of that change they perceive the benefit.


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I just thought you might be interested to see when the dates of Highland Games
are this year. Take a look at:- http://www.albagames.co.uk/

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The Campbells

A note came in from Jane Young the Manager at Inverary Castle the Scottish home of the Duke of Argyll who is the Chief of Clan Campbell. They are holding Highland Games in Inverary in July and you can find the information on their website. Inverary is a small highland town on the shore of Loch Fyne. Which for the uninitiated is home to the famous Loch Fyne Kipper – one of the tastiest smoked fish. Which brings me onto the Loch Fyne Food Fair which will be held on the 15th/16th May in the grounds of the Castle. I don’t know whether a food fair also has exhibits from a local distillery or not!

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Guests -2009

I heard from B.D. Marshall this morning.  He came with his wife and two sons from Texas and we hired a car for him to tour Scotland to check up on the Clan Keith sites. Yes he managed the driving fine – but he found my car a bit on the small side when I collected the family at the airport.

He sent some photos and this is one.  Apparently the Clan Keith, of which he is a member, and the clan Gunn are not on friendly terms but here B.D. is putting all that behind him and sampling our Innes and Gunn beer!

BD sampling beer in Edinburgh

B.D. sampling beer in Edinburgh. Innes and Gunn beer at that.

B.D.Marshall is the Texas Convener of the Clan Keith Society of the USA and National Quartermaster

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To find out about these Commemorative packs go to:-



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The whole 2 weeks that we were there, we experienced a tremendous amount of sincere friendliness.  We even had several people refuse to take our tips after they knew that  we were there for The Homecoming.  I wore my Homecoming shirts and my Scot/US flag pin every day.  We never asked but frequently got discounts because of this identifier.  I thought that was tremendous.  –  Mike Goodrich.
Looking magnificent for the 'Parade' up the Royal Mile.

Looking magnificent for the 'Parade' up the Royal Mile.

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taken from The Scotsman newspaper:

The number of people who came through the gates to watch the Highland Games in Holyrood Park

Estimated crowd that lined the Royal Mile to watch the parade of clan members on Saturday.

Number of clans and societies represented at The Gathering over the weekend.

Number of performers to take part in Aisling’s Children, the pageant staged on the Esplanade of Edinburgh Castle.

Number of participants in the official Highland Dancing competition.

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