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Questions often arise about the number of people with Scottish names who emigrated from Ireland to North America.

Answering this query:-  the west coast of Southern Scotland is very close to the north coast of  Ireland.  At a time when movement along the west side of the country was most easily achieved by boat there was a lot of traffic in the Irish Sea.  Besides moving up and down Scotland in this way, people would also cross  to and from Ireland. This would be to trade; in search of work; to avoid persecution or of course to escape the law!  There were also some more major movements of the Scottish population.  One of these was known as the Plantation of Ireland.  This took place during the 17th Century when the then King, King James (I of England and VI of Scotland) wanted a Protestant rather a Catholic Ireland.  He decided to move Protestants from Scotland to Ireland in great numbers.  Some were given the incentive of land and others just the offer of work.  To a population some of whom were living in extreem circumstances this was a good bet.  The Plantation took mainly the lowland Scots who were considered ‘tamer’  and more manageable than the wild highlanders.  So it is that the Southern Scottish names appear in Ireland.  Many names have since changed slightly though they are still recognisably of Scottish origin.


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Irish Ancestry

We had a visit last month from Howard an enthusiastic young Irishman who is starting a business in Ireland operating much like our own does in Scotland. 

Howard came asking questions and for advice and encouragement.  He is very friendly, personable and enthusiastic about what he is offering.  – And he enjoyed my soup!  We will certainly be using him to help when we are planning tours for our visitors with ancestry both in Scotland and Ireland.  We wish him well : to see his new website to go: http://irishancestralholidays.com/

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