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To hear the words of the great peom ‘A Man’s a Man for a’ that’ both sung and read go to the B.B.C. website at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/robertburns/works/a_mans_a_man_for_a_that/


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Homecoming Year Begins

Peter and I went to Dumfries on Sunday.to see one of the public opening events for Scotland’s Homecoming year.

Incidentally the company who did the ‘branding’ for the event are also the designers of our website.

It was a glorious day and staggeringly they estimated the crowd at over 12,000 – how do they do that!

It was an impressive outdoor show. All local schools, colleges, community groups, and churches had members taking part in 4 seperate parades bearing their home-made lanterns and led by 4 pipe bands – stamping feet to keep warm. The highlight was the drama of burning of an efigy of Tam O’Shanter in the River Nith.
Photos here of Tam and his steed tethered on a pontoon on the River Nith
before and after being set alight!
Walking back to the car up the old Friars Vennel we mused that Rabbie Burns would have walked this way often enough nearly 250 years ago and could little have thought that his birth would be commemorated like this.

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