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Residents of Edinburgh have long been embarrassed by the ‘Tartan Tat’ and souvenir shops which line the otherwise impressive Royal Mile – the High Street in the Old Town, as opposed to the New Town, of Edinburgh.  It was reported yesterday in The Scotsman that the city fathers are going to take steps to smarten the area up.  Especially so as the Edinburgh Council is the owner of most of the properties!  Your can read the article on the on-line page of the Scotsman.  It would be interesting to know what visitors opinions are of the state of our ‘Royal Mile’.


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Coming from the USA one of our guests asked what to wear for the Clan Parade at the Clan Gathering in the summer, when all attendees will march up the Royal Mile behind their Clan Chief. In this case the lady and her mother are going to wear a sash in their Clan tartan – the Fraser tartan. It is mesmerising to choose which you think will be the ‘right’ tartan, the choice seems over complicated – which of your Clan tartans should you choose the:- Hunting tartan: Dress tartan: Ancient tartan: Modern tartan: ect. ect. –  As long as there is some tartan it will go down a treat!

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Peter – in the kilt

A friend sent this photo of Peter and I thought it quite good.  There are shadows which suggest sun – great! He is wearing the Sutherland tartan as ‘Gray’ is a sept of the Sutherland Clan. – from the north of Scotland.

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Design your own tartan

Not every Scottish name has it’s own tartan. A disappointing fact for some people. However most names can find some affiliation with another, or a larger Clan of which they are a Sept and as such can authentically wear the tartan. My own surname was Forbes and my mother’s was Buchanan, both Clans with tartans.

However there are also District tartans. So, if you originate from for example Perthshire or Aberdeenshire you can wear that regional tartan and then of course if you don’t terribly like the one you find you can design your own! Have a look at the Tartans Authority website at: http://www.tartansauthority.com/Web/Site/home/home.asp

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