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The idea of putting ‘genealogy’ into a group tour itinerary seemed difficult but we have cracked it! We have come up with an entirely new concept of using an actor to portray a fictional character to illustrate how his life is recorded through his major life events.

While enjoying a tour of central and southern Scotland you get an occasional chance to ‘meet’ our character who tells you personally of what has been happening to him and how these events are recorded in the Scottish records stored in Edinburgh.

You see the tour on page 19 of their spring brouchure. http://www.brightwaterholidays.com/docs/AUTUMN-SPRING-2010.pdf

For more information contact Brightwater Holidays. http://www.brightwaterholidays.com


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I am just back from a really terrific tour north – I love showing people Scotland even when they know it well – and in this case it was two Scots now living in England.  One of whom shares ancestral homelands with Peter my husband.  We visited places which they had never seen before and frankly places which a visitor would never see on the general tourist routes! We stopped  just as any visitor would to see interesting and unusual attractions but we also went right off the beaten track to reach the areas which were cleared of  the crofting people in Strathnaver in the far north. We went up lanes and across moors – sometimes on foot sometimes in a car.  It’s great to share the excitement of someone discovering a part of Scotland with which they are intimately connected with but have never seen before. We visited the small graveyards and the villages of Reay, Kirkton and others in Caithness and Bettyhill a real treat.  In this case there was not a specific address to visit just parishes – much changed sometimes deserted – but none the less magnetic in the power they hold.  It is a strange feeling – but not spooky – to visit remote graveyards which are now devoid of surrounding houses – where lots of the gravestones carry your own last name.

It was a great trip with sightings of golden eagles, kites and lots more and a first visit for me to the Castle of Mey which is a house owned bought by the late Queen Mother and now visited regularly by her grandson Prince Charles.

Thank goodness for the camera we have lots of photos and had loads of  laughter.

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If you are planning the timing of your visit to Scotland you might like to see where Highland Games are being held this year.  All dates are not fixed yet but you can keep an eye on this website:  http://www.shga.co.uk/index.ph which is for the Scottish Highland Games Association.

The Scottish Highland Games Association is the sports governing body for Scottish Highland Games. The organization was established in 1947 as the Scottish Games Association, with the general aim to further the cause of Highland Games and are recognised by the UK & Scottish Governments as the official sports governing body.

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One day touring

Just putting some adverts in Family history society journals at the moment. Offering one day touring itineraries.  The guest will have a carefully researched route.  We will delve into the family history details our guest supplies and put together a really interesting day of exploration.  Depending on the material supplied of course a day may not be enough!  But it is a start.  A lot of research goes into finding the right places and by doing the preparation the guests can make the best use of their time.  No time wasting and fruitless searching.  Fun for us to organise and cost efficient for the visitor.  Cost: from £600 per day

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