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The children have gone back to school after the summer holidays and today the rain has been falling fast and furiously.  However the temperatures are still fairly mild during the day though the nights are getting chilly.  But you don’t come to Scotland for the weather as they say!

Last night we ate out at our local Italian restaurant and sat beside a couple who had spent a holiday in Scotland.  They had had a wonderful time and couldn’t speak highly enough about the friendly hospitality of the cheerful Scots.     I love these comments and they should be broadcast everywhere.  We don’t need great weather we have great folk!


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Volcanic Ash

Well it looks like the scare for thousands of people thinking that they will be stranded, away from home, has come to an end.  Or at least the prospect of getting home is clearer.

I have every sympathy for Lord Adonis, our Transport Minister, whose job it was to tell us that no planes could fly because of the volcanic ash blown down from Iceland.  Any accidents caused by reopening airports to early would have been unforgivable on the information he had available at the time.  Such is life.  Man trying to interpret nature is not an easy call.

Family of ours,  flying back to Sydney, will be able to leave for home on Sunday and are just enjoying their extra few days in Scotland by catching up with friends. – Doesn’t every cloud have a silver lining?

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Winter Olympics 2010

Well isn’t the TV riveting just now with all the great activity in Canada.  Winter sports seem to be so dangerous in comparison to the summer ones.  I wonder if that is just because pain is much more painful in the cold! Ah …. just more musings.  Anyway the perilous nature of skiers flying through the air only inches from one another, or of people torpedoeing down ice runs at goodness knows how many miles per hour with hardly any protection is really scary stuff. 

No snow here today but LOTS in the north of Scotland.  Apparently Glen Coe had more snow yesterday than anywhere else in the world.

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Rain Rain Rain

I was due to go out to Hawick and Selkirk today to do some research for visitors coming next month but the weather is just too awful to contemplate going out round churchyards.   I will go tomorrow and equip myself with wellington boots for the rain soaked groud. – Will post a photo afterwards!

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