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This is the first time I have written here in 2011 – so Happy New Year would be appropriate – maybe somewhat belatedly. Everything over the festive season was rather disrupted though.  The heavy snowfalls meant that many people were unable to be where they had expected to be over Christmas and the prolonged cold weather made me hibernate for longer still. I have only just wished wished Peter Chalmers a ‘Guid New Year’.

Peter and myself in Edinburgh

Peter is a highly regarded, retired, Edinburgh military gentleman who in his retirement does guiding work for us.  Most people who have been on holidays with us will have met him.  He is a repository of knowledge about Edinburgh, it’s buildings and its historic inhabitants.  As Peter was unwell last year I had planned to visit before Christmas with a box of biscuits. Ice, snow and the general mayhem prevented me from making the trip to Edinburgh so it was not ’til yesterday that I made my way, with my by now tattered parcel – how is it that Christmas presents delivered late look so messy!

On his wall Peter has a copy of a John Ainslie map of Edinburgh drawn in the 1780s.  He found the original  himself in a bundle of books brought into the RCAHMS building in Edinburgh.  It was a great find as it was a map that was unknown. They promptly to 4 copies of it and in gratitude to Peter gave him one!  Quite something to have hanging on your wall.

We use the map library of Scotland ourselves as a resource for visitors tracing their ancestors homes.  Searching old maps is a great way to while away the time and has the element of detective work in it.

Peter gave me a New Year kiss yesterday, so I feel the year has started.


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